Introducing CareKit

Care doesn't only happen at the doctor's office. That's why Apple created CareKit. An open source framework, CareKit allows developers to build beautiful apps that leverage a variety of customizable modules. CareKit apps will let users regularly track care plans, monitor their progress, and share their insights with care teams. Since CareKit is open source, developers can build upon existing modules and contribute new code to help users world wide create a bigger—and better—picture of their health.


The CareKit framework offers core modules that includes a Care Card for displaying care plans, a Symptom and Measurement Tracker for monitoring symptoms and tracking objective measurements, Insights for surfacing health tips and visualizing trends, and Connect to engage care teams and family members as partners in your health journey.

The framework comes with a sample app, API documentation, and a programming guide to help you build an incredible care app. CareKit is localized to many languages for use world wide.


Best Practices

The CareKit framework has a local data store, but does not include functionality for integrating with a remote server. You can use a data management solution of your choice that supports data privacy and security best practices. For more information, see the CareKit framework best practices.

Contact Us

We are excited about the apps that will be using the CareKit framework. If you’re a developer, physician or institution who wants to get started with building a CareKit app, contact us at

Using CareKit

CareKit is easy to use. It has six modules; you can use as many as you’d like in your app.

These four modules provide the user interface:

  • Care Card, manages tasks that a user needs to perform as part of a treatment. For example, taking a medication, changing a wound dressing, or meditating.
  • Symptom and Measurement Tracker, manages tasks that evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment plan. These include subjective assessment of symptoms (such as pain scales) and objective measurements (such as blood pressure).
  • Insights, displays charts that are intended to provide insight to a user by showing the relationship between treatment and progress. An insight can also be a text that provides a tip or alert to help someone stay on track with their health goals.
  • Connect, helps a user communicate their health status and Insights data with care teams and friends/family members.

These two modules manage data:

  • Care Plan Store, is a database that stores the data displayed by the Care Card and Progress Card modules. Anytime you update the Store, the user interface updates automatically.
  • Document Exporter, packages the graphs and other information shown by the Insights module. That in turn allows a user to share data easily.

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